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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Deana: Christmas Blocks done! Yippy!

Isn't it amazing what I can achieve when I am actually home!  After years and years of sitting in a stagnant phase, the blocks are complete for my Christmas Log Cabin.  The newly finished blocks are not yet sewn to the middle so it looks a little off, but it is getting so so close.  I will still have to decide on borders.

I also finished my last receiving blanket last night.  I love crocheting around the edges and the baby is due to arrive within two weeks.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deana: Quilted! Other things too!

I finished quilting my sister's quilt last night and added the binding today.  She will do the handwork on the back side.  This was my ONE MONTHLY GOAL!  Yay!  I love achieving my goals.

 I also got Jodi's Lattice on the frames and ready to baste.

I have also cut out the last pieces for my Christmas Log Cabin Quilt.  Yay!  This was supposed to be done months ago and I have had to play catch up.  I also made up 8 blocks.  I have 12 left.

Below is the quilt just waiting for these last blocks to finish it up.

I also took some time to lay out my diamond hill to generate ideas for sashing.  I still haven't decided.  Two of the blocks are not stitched down yet; they are just glue basted so I have some time to decide.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Deana: A few little things accomplished...

Hello Blogland!

I was absolutely shocked when I discovered that I haven't blogged for nineteen days!  Where has June gone?  Well, for starters,  I have not been home all month because my very first grandchild was born the first week of June and then I have had trainings the rest of the month!  I cannot believe that so much of my summer vacation has disappeared!

Well, here is what I have accomplished so far (which isn't very much):

One receiving blanket is crocheted around.

I put the final outside borders on these two quilts to prepare them for basting.
The Quilter's Garden quilt belongs to my mom.  Jodi's Lattice belongs to my sister.  I will be quilting them.

I have also spent a few hours machine quilting.  Pictures coming soon.

I really hope to have more to show soon.  If I haven't responded to your comments, I am so sorry.  I have not had time to even breathe.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deana: June Quilt Goals

Yay!  I am so happy that June is here.  School is out for me and I have a few long summer days to sew sew sew.  I am also exercising and trying to eat healthier to lose some weight.  My goal is 15 pounds.  So far (this week) I have stuck to my guns and schedule.  I hope to start school in the fall a few pounds lighter.

Well, enough of that.  Now it is time to write my post for June goals.  I will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks in June for training meetings and my daughter is expected to deliver my first grand child this week.  I plan to take my sewing machine to the training to sew at night and to do hand stitching when my daughter has her baby.  That will leave me little time for machine quilting which is my real focus.  We shall see how the month all works out I suppose.

My "One Monthly Goal" for June is to quilt this gorgeous star quilt for my sister Felicity.  It has been basted for two months now and is so ready for my attention.  I hope to finish it up before the baby comes so I can deliver it when I visit.

Here are some other goals for the month:

1.  Finish blanket stitching, borders, quilt, and bind this baby quilt for my other daughter who is getting a baby in July.

2.  Complete my #7 draw from Patchwork Times monthly goal draw.  It is to complete the little missing corner of this long time UFO sliced quilt challenge.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project and just needed a push from my UFO draw list to finish it.  I hope to also get it appliqued onto a square piece.  I won't get a complete finish on it, however, because I found the most adorable paper pieced winter neighborhood pattern online.  It won't be released until the end of the year so I'll have to wait.  I plan to piece the neighborhood and put a row at the top and a row at the bottom.

3.  Get borders on these two quilts to prepare them for quilting and baste them!  This was last month's goal that didn't pan out.

4.  Finish piecing Christmas Log Cabin.  This was a draw # a couple of months ago that didn't quite make it.

5.  Crochet around the edges of two receiving blankets.

6.  Hand stitch these babies down and wash out the glue basting.

I also hope to get the sashing on them pieced and attached.

7.  I also hope to quilt and bind my Star Crazy quilt.  It is basted and ready for some machine time.

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Deana: May goal recap...

Hello Blogland!  How did you do on your goals for May?  I did what I could for a busy month, and I made some progress but not as much as I had hoped!  

Here are the goals I set for May and their progress:

 I hope to complete my Snowman Embroidery Quilt - quilting, binding and all.  


I hope to piece/applique'/quilt/bind a baby quilt for my daughter.  Here are the fabric colors she wants (I had not even purchased them as of the first of May).

It is not finished, but this is how far it got.  I am still blanket stitching the pieces down.

Put a final border on Mom's Quilter's Garden...

Put a final border on Jodi's Lattice...

Quilt Felicity's blue/green quilt...

Prep two Diamond Hill blocks for applique'.  



Cut out more blocks for my Christmas Log Cabin

Make two receiving blankets - one for Margo and one for Lethi.  

I made two for Lethi and got a start on one for Margo.  Here are Lethi's finished ones...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Deana: One Monthly Goal - Snowman Finished!

I just barely finished the binding on my "One Monthly Goal".  I have been finishing quilting projects for others and now it feels good to finish one for me.  

This snowman quilt was also the "draw #" from Patchwork Times list for May.  That list is helping me SO MUCH to finish things.  I have completed every one so far this year with the exception of one and I did make great progress on it.

This hand embroidered snowman quilt has been in the works for many many years.  I took it to wrestling tournaments for at least 3 years just getting the hand work done.  It is a joy to see it finished!

I also got a lot of work done on Diamond Hill.  This block only has the light green leaves left to stitch.

The next two blocks are glue basted and ready to start stitching.  I only have one more daisy flower to turn under - yay!  The hand stitching is my favorite part.

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